Aureo & Calicó, S.L. - Subasta 397 - 1021 Numistats ref: 598749

Pompey the Younger Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Year
Crawford 469/1a References
Monedas romanas / Roman coins Category
(46-45 a.C.). Cnaeo Pompeyo. Denario. (Spink 1384) (S. 1, como Pompeyo Magno) (Craw. 469/1a). Bella. Muy rara así. 3,75 g. EBC+. Description
EBC+ Grade
1200 EUR Starting
1500 EUR Estimate
EUR Realized

Roman Republic. Pompey the Younger. Denarius Crawford 469/1a

Pompey the Younger Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Mint
- Year
Crawford 469/1a References
CN·MAGNVS·IMP Reverse Legend
Helmeted head of Roma right, wearing Corinthian helmet. Bead and reel border. Obverse Type
Female figure (Hispania) standing right, with shield slung on back, holding two spears in left hand and with right hand giving palm-branch to soldier standing left on prow of ship. Border of dots. Reverse Type



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