Aureo & Calicó, S.L. - Subhasta 396 - 3020 Numistats ref: 597225

Mn. Aemilius Lepidus Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Year
Crawford 291/1 References
Monedas romanas / Roman coins Category
(hacia 114/113 a.C.). Gens Aemilia. Denario. (Bab. 7) (Craw. 291/1). 3,74 g. MBC+. Description
MBC+ Grade
60 EUR Starting
80 EUR Estimate
125 EUR Realized

Roman Republic. Mn. Aemilius Lepidus. Denarius Crawford 291/1

Mn. Aemilius Lepidus Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Mint
- Year
Crawford 291/1 References
ROMA X (crossed) Obverse Legend
MN·AEMILIO· L E P Reverse Legend
Laureate female bust right (possibly Roma), draped and wearing diadem; behind, denominational mark. Border of dots. Obverse Type
Three arches, on which stands equestrian statue - horseman wears cuirass and wreath and holds spear in right hand; around, inscription; between arches, inscription. Border of dots. Reverse Type



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