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Tiberius Veturius Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Year
Crawford 234/1 References
Monedas romanas / Roman coins Category
(hacia 137 a.C.). Gens Veturia. Denario. (Bab. 1) (Craw. 234/1). Bella. 3,99 g. EBC/EBC-. Description
ebc- Grade
175 EUR Starting
300 EUR Estimate
EUR Realized

Roman Republic. Tiberius Veturius. Denarius Crawford 234/1

Tiberius Veturius Authority
Denarius Denomination
- Mint
- Year
Crawford 234/1 References
X TI·VET Obverse Legend
ROMA Reverse Legend
Bust of Mars, right, draped and helmeted; behind, denominational mark and inscription. Border of dots. Obverse Type
Oath-taking scene - two warriors facing each other, one bearded and without armour, one beardless and in armour; each holds spear in left hand and with sword in right hand touches a pig held by a figure kneeling between them . Reverse Type



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